Hamarosan találkozunk!
Dátum : 14 / dec / 2017
Időpont : 23:00 - 6:00

Goodbye Erasmus HUGE Christmas Party by ELB w Erasmus Dark Rave

Corvin Club

Erasmus Life Budapest presents: The last HUGE party of the semester to say farewell, and celebrate Christmas in style, every Erasmus, exchange and international students & friends, altogether ??

► What you can expect:
? 2 FREE DRINKS – 1 Welcome Beer/Vodka-soda/Jager plus one with a game – arrive before 1am!
? DISCOUNTS: Beer 490Ft, Jager 750Ft, Vodka-soda 890Ft
? Christmas & farewell surprises, costumes & decorations
? One last HUGE party in Corvin!

1) Main room:
Nieder (HU): resident at our biggest Corvin Club parties
Vimus (GER)
Kloos (ESP)
2) Techno room (Corvin Bar):
Erasmus Dark Rave (EDR) Techno all-star DJs

We have been through some amazing experiences together: Welcome Party, Get2Know Party, Nations Party, Boat Party, Halloween Parties, UV Pool Party at Aquaworld, Techno party, Morrison’s Mondays, trips, and countless other events…
►Now, all international students & friends in Budapest, let’s UNITE one more time for a HUGE party before saying goodbye!

– Early bird tickets available for ONLY 1000Ft! (800Ft with ELB Card)
– Pre-sale tickets: 1200Ft (1000Ft with ELB Card)
– At the venue: 1500/2000Ft – Sign up your name on the event wall & press going till Thursday 18:00 to get the cheaper one!
You can get it in our office. Szent István körút 11, Morrison’s 2, open on weekdays 12:00-18:00.

Want to get FREE tickets by doing charity? Let’s take part in our shoe box charity campaign:

Details coming soon