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Dátum : 31 / okt / 2017
Időpont : 20:00 - 05:00

Techno Halloween

Erasmus Life Budapest and EDR

Oszd meg barátaiddal!

Erasmus Life Budapest invite the EDR (Erasmus Dark Rave) Crew for: Techno Halloween at Corvin Club (Bar room).

▬▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬▬

CRB II Gustave II Nusay II GRDN II Kloos

EDR, the new Erasmus Dark Rave, is providing a dark side to the techno and make it more underground. Their DJs are chosen to always bring you a quality mix.

Kloos is the techno resident at ELB Corvin Club parties, making the dance floor always full with his beats.

▬▬▬ TICKET ▬▬▬

► 1 ticket, 2 events (you can also access the main room of Corvin): Tesco Disco – Indie Halloween by Erasmus Life Budapest at Corvin

► 1000Ft pre-sale in the ELB office with fast-lane entrance. 800Ft if you have an ELB Card –
ELB Office: open 12-18h on weekdays at Szent István körút 11 (Morrison’s 2).
1000Ft at the door if you click “going” and show it at the entrance, 1500Ft otherwise.

1 free drink included before 1am!